Reports is the official source of all ECRYPT reports. The following reports are relevant to eBATS.

``D.VAM.1-1.1: Performance Benchmarks.'' This report predates the eBATS competition. It surveys a wide variety of cryptographic functions, and counts the number of operations used by those functions in a simplified model of computation. August 2005.

``D.VAM.7-1.0: Performance Benchmarks---Public Key Cryptography I.'' This report announces initial plans for eBATS, and describes a preliminary version of the eBATS API. February 2006.

``D.VAM.9-1.1: Report on eBATS Performance Benchmarks.'' Comprehensive report on measurements collected in the first stage of eBATS. March 2007.

``D.VAM.14-1.1: Performing Benchmarks.'' Report on measurements collected in the second stage of eBATS, plus new measurements of stream ciphers and hash functions. July 2008.


Slides presented in the rump session at SHARCS 2006.

Slides and dynamic graphs presented in the rump sessions at PQCrypto 2006 and Eurocrypt 2006.

Slides presented in the rump sessions at Crypto 2006 and ECC 2006.

Slides for keynote presentation at SBSeg 2006.

Slides presented at SPEED.


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