Computers used for benchmarking public-key systems

This page describes the specific computers used for eBATS measurements.

Would you like to contribute CPU cycles to benchmarking? See the BATMAN page for more information on how you can add computers to this list.

Computer owners

D. J. Bernstein
Phil Carmody
DTUDanmarks Tekniske Universitet
NMINMI Build and Test Lab at the University of Wisconsin at Madison
RUBRuhr-Universiteit Bochum
TU/eTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
UICUniversity of Illinois at Chicago


alpha5002DEC Alpha 21264 EV6HPtd161
alpha5331DEC Alpha 21164A EV56NMInmi0080
amd6414032AMD Opteron 240 (f58)NMInmisles8amd64
amd6420002AMD Athlon 64 X2 (15,35,2)UICdancer
amd6420002AMD Athlon 64 X2 (15,75,2)UICmace
amd6421372Intel Core 2 Duo (6f6)UICkatana
amd6421922AMD Opteron (f58)HPtd189
amd6423912AMD Opteron (f5a)HPtd159
amd6423944Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (6fb)TU/elatour
amd6428004Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0056
amd6428004Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0057
amd6430001Intel Pentium 4 (f43)TU/epclin153
amd6430002Intel Pentium D (f64)TU/espeed
amd6430002Intel Pentium D (f64)TU/esvlin001
amd6430002Intel Xeon 5160 (6f6)HPtd162
amd6430004Intel Xeon (f4a)NMInmi0090
amd6433922Intel Pentium D (f64)NMInmi0104
amd6433922Intel Pentium D (f64)NMInmi0161
amd6433922Intel Pentium D (f64)NMInmi0241
hppa4402HP 9000/785 J5000RUBhp400
hppa10002HP PA-RISC 8900HPtd191
ia649001HP Itanium IINMInmi0025
ia649972HP Itanium IINMInmi0020
ia649972HP Itanium IINMInmi0058
ia6413962HP Itanium IINMInmi0065
ia6414002HP Itanium IIHPtd156
ia64150016HP Itanium IIHPtd178
ia6416002HP Itanium IIHPtd160
ppc324001Motorola PowerPC G4 7400NMInmi0042
ppc325332Motorola PowerPC G4 7410UICgggg
ppc326001Motorola PowerPC 750CXeUICdaedalus
ppc3212002IBM POWER4NMInmibuild14
ppc3212002IBM POWER4NMInmibuild33
ppc6414526IBM POWER4UICtigger
ppc6420002IBM PowerPC G5 970Phil Carmodygeespaz
ppc6420974IBM POWER5NMInmi0154
ppc6423002IBM PowerPC G5 970NMInmi0048
ppc6431922IBM CellNMInmips3
sparcv93001Sun UltraSPARC IIiNMInmi0008
sparcv99008Sun UltraSPARC IIIUICicarus
sparcv99002Sun UltraSPARC IIINMInmi0051
sparcv910008Sun UltraSPARC T1UNIXCt1000
sparcv9105072Sun UltraSPARC IVDTUhald
sparcv912002Sun UltraSPARC IIINMInmisolaris10
x861331Intel Pentium (52c)UICcruncher
x863331Intel Pentium 2 (652)UICboris
x864481Intel Pentium 3 (672)UICorpheus
x868001Intel Pentium M (6d8)D. J. Bernsteinatlas
x868531Intel Pentium 3 (686)D. J. Bernsteinsilverton
x869001AMD Athlon (622)UICthoth
x8610002Intel Pentium 3 (68a)UICneumann
x8613001Intel Pentium M (695)D. J. Bernsteinwhisper
x8614002Intel Pentium 3 (6b1)HPtd152
x8618332Intel Core DuoNMInmi0068
x8619001Intel Pentium 4 (f12)UICfireball
x8620002AMD Athlon 64 X2 (15,75,2)UICmace32
x8621372Intel Core 2 Duo (6f6)UICkatana32
x8624001Intel Pentium 4 (f24)NMInmitest4
x8624011Intel Pentium 4 (f24)NMInmi0086
x8626584Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmi0013
x8626584Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmibuild15
x8626584Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmibuild16
x8626584Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmibuild22
x8626584Intel Xeon (f29)NMInmibuild17
x8626594Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmibuild21
x8626594Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmibuild26
x8626672Intel Xeon (f25)NMInmi0036
x8627912Intel Xeon (f27)NMInmi0024
x8628004Intel Xeon (f29)NMInmi0059
x8628002Intel Xeon (f29)TU/epoema
x8628002Intel Xeon (f29)TU/esvlin003
x8628004Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0063
x8628014Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0060
x8628014Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0061
x8628014Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0062
x8628021Intel Xeon (f29)NMInmibuild40
x8629918Intel Xeon (f26)HPtd185
x8629952Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0079
x8629962Intel Pentium 4 (f41)NMInmi0084
x8629961Intel Xeon (f41)NMInmi0076
x8630001Intel Pentium 4 (f41)TU/epclin118
x8630001Intel Pentium 4 (f41)TU/esvlin002
x8630004Intel Xeon (f4a)NMInmi0102
x8630664Intel Xeon (f25)HPtd162old
x8632002Intel Pentium D (f47)UICshell
x8632004Intel Xeon (f25)HPtd140
x8632004Intel Xeon (f25)HPtd186
x8634001Intel Pentium 4 (f29)UICshellold


hald: had to add /usr/sfw/lib/sparcv9 to LD_LIBRARY_PATH; g++ and CC appear to be incompatible; had to change test -f "$lib" to test -f "$lib" && test -s "$lib" at line 1876 of in GMP.


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