eBATS (ECRYPT Benchmarking of Asymmetric Systems) is a competition for public-key systems. eBATS measures BATs (Benchmarkable Asymmetric Tools) according to several criteria: time to generate a key pair, time to sign a message, length of the signed message, etc.

BATMAN collects an extensive database of measurements of BATs on various computers. CAVE (Comparison and Visualization Environment) allows users to dynamically explore various graphs of BATMAN output, sliding between selected slices and projections of the database.

Using CAVE

There are two parts to CAVE. The first part is a merge script that collects any number of database files produced by BATMAN and converts them into another format. The second part is a draw program that reads and displays the merge output.

Here's how to download and compile CAVE:

     cp merge-20070301 merge
     chmod 755 merge
     cp draw-20060614.c draw.c
     cp window-20060614.c window.c
     cp window-20060614.h window.h
     gcc -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -o draw draw.c window.c -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lm
Here's how to merge several database files in the same directory as CAVE, let's say 20070214-katana.bz2 and 20070214-mace.bz2:
     bzcat 20070214-katana.bz2 20070214-mace.bz2 | ./merge > merge.out
Here's how to display the results:
     ./draw < merge.out
CAVE allows many different choices of x axis, y axis, labels, etc. Try experimenting with the keystrokes listed on the ./draw screen.


This is version 2007.03.01 of the eBATS cave.html web page. This web page is in the public domain.